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City Boards

These volunteer city boards provide vital input to the City Commission on a variety of subjects.  Many dedicated residents selflessly serve on these boards for the betterment of our community.  The boards cover a wide array of topics, so there is something to match the interests of anyone looking to serve.  Generally, residency is required within the city limits to be on one of the boards and the City Commission appoints all members.  Anyone interested in applying should complete an application available on this page and return it to City Hall for consideration.

There are current openings on the following boards:

  • Economic Development
  • TIF Board
  • Airport Board

Submit completed applications to:

In person or by mail:

City of Kingman
P.O. Box 168
324 North Main
Kingman, KS 67068

By email:


Access Advisory Board

The Access Advisory Board is an important group that provides vital input to the City on a variety of subjects related to accessibility.  The Board is also consulted for thoughts and ideas to help the City be more accessible to all residents, regardless of disability.

  • Jason Hepburn
  • Angie Lampe
  • Trisha Goetz
  • Janae Wagner
  • Anita Drake
Airport Board

Members of the Airport Board are generally pilots or have some association with the aviation industry.  The Board helps create plans for the airport facility and advises on airport operations.  This valuable insight helps Clyde Cessna Field continue to succeed.

  • Pat White, Chair
  • Mark Schlegel
  • Trish Minard, Secretary
  • Charlus Bishop
Convention & Tourism

The Convention and Tourism Committee works with the transient guest bed tax that is collected at local lodging establishments.  The Committee gives grants to events that draw tourists to Kingman, such as rodeos, airshows, and the annual Christmas parade.  New projects of the Committee are being done to actively promote Kingman through various advertising campaigns.

  • Kristen Friess
  • Tim Price, Chair
  • Susan Floyd
  • Rayma Rowland
  • Sharon Reese
Economic Development Advisory Committee

Economic Development Advisory Committee members are chosen by the City Commission.  This Committee is a resource for the Kingman Economic Development Director.  Members give their insights and perspectives on economic development in the City as they work with the Director on projects to enhance progress.

  • Diana Kirk
  • Greg Schreiner
  • Mitzi Bailey
Kingman County Council On Aging

The City is asked to make appointments to this board, but it is purely a Kingman County entity.

  • Mike Strong
  • Pat Taylor
  • Pat Maloney
  • Butch Mathis
  • Mike Hart
  • Karen Ward
Library Board

The City provides a defined level of tax levy support for the library and the Library Board works with the librarian to handle most issues at the library.  Members are active in the operations and help make plans for the facility whether it be current or future projects.

  • Sandy Davis
  • Mark Bigelow
  • Julie Wollen
  • Lynn Barnes
  • Susan Woodward
  • Gaylene SanRomani
  • Kristi Kyle
Park Board

The Park Board works with City staff on plans and developments for the park system.  Members are in on the ground floor of planning improvements for the parks.  The current Park Master Plan was created with strong assistance from the Park Board.  The Board also sponsors events for Independence Day and coordinates the annual Fall Festival.

  • Dakota Fischer, Chair
  • Laura Lankford, Vice Chair
  • Adrian Harrel
  • Kylee Maloney
  • Alexis Fischer, Secretary
  • Ashton Bornholdt
Planning Commission 

The Planning Commission is responsible for overseeing the planning area of the City and the surrounding area.  This body handles zoning issues for the City as well.  Unlike other volunteer boards, the Planning Commission has statutory duties to perform in planning and zoning.  Most members are City residents, but some members are also from the planning area that extends outside the city limits.

  • Randy Smith – Chair
  • Mike Floyd
  • Courtney Hardgrave
  • Shane Bales
  • Eric Robinson
  • Edgar Sanchez
  • Roseanna Mathis
Progress Kingman Board

This board is undergoing changes and will be reinstated at a later date.

Kingman Recreation Commission

The Kingman Recreation Commission is a stand-alone entity with its own tax levy.  The City makes appointments to its board, but does not have any authority or oversight on the Recreation Commission’s programs or operations.

  • Jay Smith
  • Delbert Osner
TIF Board 

The TIF Board is charged with downtown revitalization and development through an established TIF (Tax Increment Financing) District.  The Board gets its funding from increased property values in the district that result from the improvements it constructs.  Currently, downtown Kingman and the surrounding blocks comprise this TIF district.  Past projects of the TIF Board include the burying of downtown electric lines, new street lights, the clock tower, the Red Barn parking garage, and the bulb outs.  The TIF Board is currently working on a final list of projects for the district before its authorization expires.

  • Max Clark, Chair
  • Karen Lacio
  • Susan Hubbell
  • Jon Wollen, Secretary
  • Tina Watts
  • Brad Kirk