(620) 532-3111324 North Main St.PO Box 168Kingman, KS 67068

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324 North Main St., PO Box 168, Kingman, KS 67068

Police Department

David Lux
David Lux

Police Chief

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Fax: (620) 532-3216


Kingman Police Department
2120 N. Koch Industrial Ave
Kingman, KS 67068

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The Kingman police department employs seven (7) commissioned police officers including the Chief of Police, two captains, and four patrol officers. Additionally, Kingman employs two part time officers.

The first city marshall for the City of Kingman was William A. “Bill” Fossett. When Marshal Fossett left Kingman he became a United States Marshal in Kingfisher, Oklahoma Territory. After the departure of Marshal Fossett the Kingman City Council appointed James Shepherd “Shep” Wrenchey, whose name is mounted on the name plaque of the 1888 City Hall building.

Kingman, Kansas, Police Department

Related Information

Law enforcement contact information:

  • Kingman County Sheriff’s Office: (620) 532-5133
  • Kingman County Attorney: Phone: (620) 532-3044
  • Kingman County Court: (620) 532-5151
  • Kansas Highway Patrol: (316) 744-0451
  • Wichita Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations: (316) 262-0031
  • Wichita Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration: (316) 838-2500
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives: (316) 269-6229

Victim services:

  • Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center: 800-701-3630
    (620) 532-1859
    107 East “A” Ave, Kingman, KS

Other services:

  • Driver’s Examiner Office: (620) 532-5080 (Please call ahead for testing)
  • Kansas Road Conditions Dial: 511, 511.ksdot.org
  • Kansas School Safety Hotline: 1-877-626-8203

Programs & resources

  • Personal Safety Awareness
  • Drug Awareness
  • School Event Security
  • Vehicle Registration (VIN Inspection)
  • DARE
  • Vehicle Lockout Service
  • Animal Control

Information Requests

To obtain a copy of a police or accident report, submit a request to:
Kingman Police Department
2120 N. Koch Industrial Ave
Kingman, Kansas 67068

Or call (620) 532-3138

Request for reports may be made by mail or in person. Request for records should include:

  • Report Number
  • Names of subjects involved
  • Date and time of incident
  • Location of incident
  • Type of Report

A Place of Honor

Captain Larry BeeryCaptain Larry Beery gave his final full measure of devotion to the United States of America, State of Kansas and to the citizens of Kingman, Kansas on April 15th, 1973 when he was murdered in the line of duty. Captain Beery was making his routine checks of the downtown business district when he was confronted by an individual who took Beery’s duty weapon and shot him several times. The murder of Beery has never been solved and remains open as an active cold case. Captain Larry Beery is one of our Fallen Heroes and will remain in the hearts of his Brothers and Sisters of the thin blue line.