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The State of Kansas experiences many windstorm events that are classified as tornadoes with sustained wind speeds of 125 miles per hour and greater. While these windstorm events can create devastating damage to private and public property, the most important issue is the larger threat of death and bodily injury to citizens.

While the weather can never be tamed, the citizens of Kansas can be protected from impending severe weather, including tornadoes. Many communities provide community safe rooms, however, it is not always practical, or safe, for residents to seek shelter in them. The best lead-time for a tornado is about 30 minutes. Tornadoes have been known to change paths very rapidly, thus limiting the time in which to take shelter. Tornadoes may not be visible on the ground due to evening hours, blowing dust or driving rain and hail. Therefore, there is very little, or no, warning of when a specific tornado may be on the ground, let alone time to walk or drive to a community shelter.

Community leaders understand the necessity of keeping their constituency informed, educated, and protected.  Community safe rooms serve a valuable service, especially to those living within a half-mile distance from the shelter. Residential safe rooms can fill the void for those that live in excess of a half mile of a shelter yet find themselves in need of protection.

The cost of a human life cannot be truly determined, especially when you consider children, parents, grandparents and the human elements that make us individuals.  The residential safe room program is a way to help the residents of Kansas find safety and security in knowing that should a wind event, or tornado, necessitate taking shelter, they are covered.